Yarn Barn Final Logo.jpg

Design proposal

Yarn Barn is a sewing store in Lawrence, Kansas. They sell a variety of sewing and knitting supplies. The company sells DVD’s and tutorials for different sewing projects as well as different types of books for people to gain more information about sewing. The store’s big appeal is the clubs it has for customers; there is a club for teaching beginners how to knit and sew as well as a social club for people who share what they have created.


The solution is a simple design incorporating a basic yearn pattern and a simple barn shape. The colors are chosen to give it a warm welcome feeling to really capture the atmosphere of the club meetings. It’s a small and local store and making a design that’s simple and homely helps their brand. 

yarn barn.jpg
Small Canvas Tote Bag MockUp.jpg
Mug PSD MockUp 3.jpg