Design proposal

Roady is a personal driver assistant. The logo represent the efficiency of the product but also shows what the product is centered around. It is a simple bold font that is italicized to show the motion of driving. The simple color change of the “O” and the circle in the middle shows a tire, and the orange with the negative white space represents construction. The viewer recognizes the driving aspect combined with the construction.



The problem I am trying to solve is traffic within the cities. The traffic within a city can get really bad to the point where people are sitting still for hours making little to no progress. According to, Austin drivers spend an average of 43 hours in congested traffic a year. According to INRIX Inc. Austin is the 14th most congested city in the United States and the 72nd worst in the world.



To solve this ever increasing problem, I came up with was a VUI device that can give traffic updates back in an instant. It can give ideas and suggestion on where drivers should go to regulate the traffic flow. Additionally, it will keep track of your routes and adapts to your routines, saving time and reducing congestion.



When researching traffic data, I concluded out that a lot of the solutions to traffic regulation are concerned with the idea of different infrastructure plans as opposed to diverting drivers. The plans regarding different highway designs are plans surrounding loop ramps that would reduce left turns; as well as highway merge lights that have sensors on the ground that can allow only a certain number of people on the highway to reduce congestion. While researching my idea, I found out about the Waze App. Waze is an app on your phone that allows people to inform each other about traffic jams, constructions sites, closed roads, police traps, etc. The Waze App already handles these things. My solution is different because it connects all city services to all drivers.  


new solution

The solution is a minute-by-minute updating VUI device. Roady gives consistent updates on the roads by connecting and communicating other vehicles with Roadys. It is designed to have news stations, construction companies, medical officials, and police officers all communicate with it as well. Construction companies will be able to tell drivers what roads they are closing, for how long, and when workers will be present. Police officers and EMS workers can contact vehicles that will be in their pathway so they can clear the lanes ahead of time in order to reach their destinations faster and more efficiently.



The best way to show Roady’s features is through a video prototype. I started with a storyboard to layout how the video will be organized.


final outcome

The next step is to show my video prototype to fellow drivers to gain feedback and see if Roady will be useful and if any new features can be added.